It is our top priority to offer not only superior customer service, but also for us to take that "extra step".... we want you to have all the information you need to make an informed choice about your insurance needs.  Visit us on YELP  (and see below) to see what clients are saying... 

"Darci is one of the most professional, prompt and service oriented people I have ever worked with.  I have pretty high standards and Darci has either met and/or exceeded those expectations.  She has proven to be a valuable partner in our business and will continue to be so.  I would highly recommend Darci both professionally and personally."  S. Chun, Concord, CA

 "Darci is hands down the best in the business! She has gone above and beyond for my company and my family. She always picks up her phone and always offers the best advice possible. She is simply amazing and actually CARES about her clients! You couldn't be in better hands. I recommend her with the highest regards!!! Trying to pick insurance for yourself, loved ones or business is never easy. Especially with all the complicated plans to choose from. Darci makes all this seem easy and pleasant. Again she is the BEST and I have plenty of experience shopping around. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! :) " - M. Gill, San Jose

"Recently I contacted Darci Gutierrez Insurance Services to help me navigate the options for a
Medicare supplement plan.  Darci spent a lot of time with me, even after work hours, to explain the plans and help me make a good choice for me.  The extra care she gave made all the difference in making me comfortable and confident in my selection.  I wish there were more people like Darci providing specialized service to seniors.  She made a scary process much easier to understand.  I have recommended Darci to all of my Medicare eligible friends.  Thanks Darci..."  L. Davis, San Ramon

"I am so thankful to have been referred to Darci Gutierrez.  Insurance is not the easiest thing to research and understand, but when I called Darci she made it all clear to me and we found the plans and packages that work best for me and my family.  Having previously depended on the employers options and plans, it was a different experience searching the world wide web with a world of information to read, comprehend, and choose from.  But Darci's knowledge of the business and her attention to my needs, proved to be the best package for me in the world wide search.  I appreciate the personal touch experience rather than the "1-800 Customer" experience."  -Janice F., San Pablo

"My husband and I are seniors and Darci helped us sort through a several options that suited us.  With her expertise, we were able to make an informed decision.  Darci explained things in plan talk that we could understand.  She answered our emails promptly and was patient while answering our questions.  She is honest and reliable.  You have nothing to lose, give her a ring and get help with our mind boggling health insurance options.  Darci will help find a plan that suits your life and budget." - M. Hanley, Dublin

"Darci is an exemplary professional. She finds solutions to problems where others find obstacles. Her attention to detail and out of box thinking are the kind of skills that attribute to her success. I would highly recommend Darci as one of those rare professionals who can focus not only on creating wonderful relationships but who is tasked with a single purpose: to do whatever it takes to create a win-win relationship with her clients and business contacts." - Richard Dutra, Cupertino, 2012

"I tried unsuccessfully to navigate Medicare’s maze of insurance options for a full year for my husband and myself. I was absolutely at my wits end trying to find the best option for coverage and also tired of paying the high insurance premiums we were paying at the time.

Then my doctor referred me to Darci. That was the best call we made – she made the whole process seem so easy. She had us set up with affordable insurance coverage in no time at all. We’re grateful for her energy and enthusiasm. She made us feel like we were her only clients, keeping us updated steadily through the process.

When our small family owned business needed more affordable insurance coverage for our employees, we immediately called Darci. There were some roadblocks along the way, but Darci got through those and was able to offer us some good choices.

 Darci told me something that shows what kind of an agent she is. She said that she wouldn't suggest any plan that she wouldn't choose for her own family.   Darci Gutierrez is a very professional agent who treats her clients like family. We’re happy to have found an agent who really cares." - Mr. and Mrs. Gill, San Jose

"Obtaining insurance can be a real stressful activity.  Grappling with the cost of providers, plans, premiums, regulations, applications, billing, and unexpected “gotchas” can quickly drain one's energy and spirit.  What can you do?  Getting a good insurance agent can make a real difference.  A good agent will guide you through the choppy waters of insurance and help you attain peace of mind.  We have reasonably high expectations regarding service providers and vendors we work with.  We want to work with people who are customer-centered, friendly, knowledgeable/competent, patient, on-the-ball, and responsive.  Many service providers fail to meet this standard.  I'm delighted to say that Darci Gutierrez does.  She is wonderful!  She is cut from different cloth.  I highly recommend considering her for your insurance needs.  Darci will go the extra mile for you!  In this day and age, that's real insurance! "
– Dennis, Tri-Valley, 

"Darci helped our family decipher complicated health insurance coverage plans during a time of transition - - and guides us to the most cost effective plan option for our situation.  She has solid contacts and depth of knowledge about the insurance business and it translates into positive outcomes for her clients.  For example, we were initially deferred coverage by one carrier and she went to bat for us armed with detailed spreadsheets to appeal the decision.  She didn’t quit until we were ultimately covered by the carrier! Wow!    I especially appreciate her quick responses and updates on email at work so I don’t have to stop what I am doing to get on the phone to chase someone for more information.  In short, Darci is so easy to work with and willing to go the extra distance to get the best plan in place for people. She puts cheer in an otherwise teeth-grinding exercise."  -Jennifer Bronson, client

"We were very impressed with Darci Gutierrez.  She helped us transfer to a plan with our current insurer that met our needs and saved us hundreds of dollars per month in premiums! She is very knowledgeable, and if she didn't know the answer to a particular question we had, she would research the matter and get back to us quickly. "  -Mr. and Mrs. Charles K, Sunnyvale

"I was absolutely thrilled that Darci was referred to me by a fellow Mom.  I was at a complete loss navigating through the complicated insurance process.  Darci was amazingly knowledgeable, thorough, responsive and professional.  Not only was she able to help my family of six obtain the best possible coverage, she also helped us secure the best possible rates!  I would highly recommend her services.  She is a joy to work with and definitely has your best interest at heart."  
-T. Vollgraf, mother of four, Pleasanton, CA

"Darci Gutierrez was great. When we lost our health coverage, Darci was there for us. She talked to us about the different types of coverage which were available to us. She really took time to explain everything to us and advise us which could serve us best in our current situation. Our youngest son ,who is autistic, was denied coverage due to his condition as well as medication that he was taking.  Darci called us immediately to advise us about the terrible news, but it didn’t end there, she already had an alternative for us, one that worked. Today, our whole family has health coverage because Darci not only was there for us but helped us out throughout the whole enrollment process, giving us constant feedback as to what was going on with our application."   - Mr. and Mrs. R.S., Dublin

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